Spirit Mark

The UNT Dallas Trailblazer spirit mark is an informal, bold and energetic representation of UNT Dallas. It suggests pride and affinity. The mascot is formally referred to as Blaze, while the students are referred to as Trailblazers.

Download the UNT Dallas Spirit Mark

(.zip file contains all versions below full color, black, and white in vector and raster format)

spirit markers

The spirit mark is separate and distinct from the more formal UNT Dallas logo and is less academically oriented.  It is the emblem for strong, emotive support given to UNT Dallas by students, alumni, and all those associated with UNT Dallas. The spirit mark may be used:

  • In informal contexts, such as: athletics, alumni materials, school spirit activities, recruiting events, and on apparel and promotional items;

  • As a graphic within academic departments to promote spirit and social events, as well as in recruitment and on various promotional materials.

​The spirit mark may not be used:

  • For official UNT Dallas communications, such as: official notification letters of admission, letters for hire, contracts, and grant proposals;

  • As a lockup with the UNT Dallas logotype and signature system, nor may a new lockup or signature be created using the Trailblazer spirit mark 

  • For formal business purposes.