Public Relations & Media

Our Marketing & Communications team can connect media with UNT Dallas community members and provide information on their accomplishments, events, honors, awards, and advances in scholarship and community. We can nd UNTD experts to comment on breaking news and trends, and we are the appropriate starting point for all things media as it pertains to UNT Dallas.

Proactive and Reactive Press Relations

UNT Dallas’ Marketing & Communications Department frequently pitches ideas to the media with the intent of highlighting accomplishments of the institution. All other proactive media contacts, for purposes of gaining media attention for a UNT Dallas program, project, individual or organization, must be coordinated with Marketing & Communications. We also handle all incoming media inquiries regarding UNT Dallas, and its faculty, staff and students in relation to their roles at the institution. The Chief Communications Officer is on call at all times to handle media relations related to emergencies and crises involving UNT Dallas.

Please contact Marketing & Communications Department about all media inquiries to ensure that the consistency of key messages, institutional direction, facts,
FERPA compliance and overall follow-up are achieved. We can also help establish key message points and provide coaching related to media interviews. We can, if available, obtain copies of the published piece.

Crisis Communications

In the event of a crisis (natural or man-made disaster), the Chief Communications Officer will be contacted immediately and will serve as the institution’s public information of cer. Faculty, staff and students should refer any and all media contact on behalf of the institution to the Marketing & Communications department in accordance with the institution’s Emergency Plans.

Media Training

Media training is offered to departments that request a formal presentation or individuals preparing for media interviews. Training includes help with messaging, positioning, appearance and sound bites, as appropriate. Contact the Marketing & Communications Department for more information.

Inclement Weather Notices

Campus facilities will close and operations will be suspended when adverse weather and/or safety hazards exist on the UNT Dallas campus or if travel to the campus is deemed dangerous as the result of conditions such as ice, sleet or snow. The determination of an inclement weather closing is made by UNT Dallas Police in conjunction with the Of ce of the President.

In the event of a campus closure, the Marketing & Communications Department will report closure information to all appropriate major media by 7 a.m. Marketing & Communications will update the home page on the UNT Dallas web site, Facebook and Twitter with closing information as soon as it is available. For more details on inclement weather closures, please refer to the UNT Dallas policy on inclement weather advisories.


All advertisements placed in local, state, and national media representing UNT Dallas and/or its departments, programs and organizations must be approved by the Marketing & Communications Department. Advertising on behalf of UNT Dallas and/or its departments, programs and organizations without proper approval

is strictly prohibited. The Marketing & Communications Department handles all writing, design and placement of advertisements. Exceptions to this policy can only be authorized by an appropriate representative of the Marketing & Communications Department.

Prior to deciding that advertising is the best route for your communications needs, please contact the Marketing & Communications Department. Marketing staff can help you decide if advertising is the right choice, consult with you on messaging and ensure you follow our brand standards. Marketing staff can also provide valuable assistance in understanding rate schedules and determining ideal “reach and frequency” to meet your needs within your budget.

UNT Dallas coordinates advertising efforts based on strategic timing, messaging, impact and budget. The uncoordinated purchasing of advertising by individual units from the same media outlets results in higher costs for the institution. Collaborating on advertising purchases and negotiating a single purchase on behalf of the institution or with the UNT System lowers our costs. Please contact Marketing & Communications to coordinate your efforts across the institution.

All advertising requires the use of the UNT Dallas wordmark, which must be in a prominent location and with the proper free space around it. All advertising designs must be approved by the Marketing & Communications Department prior to purchase. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by Marketing & Communications.