UNT Dallas Brand

untd student center with skyline
untd wordmarks

Download UNT Dallas Wordmark

(.zip file contains blue, black, and white versions in vector and raster formats) See usage notes below.

untd trailblazers spirit mark

Download UNT Dallas Spirit Mark

(.zip file contains all versions below full color, black, and white in vector and raster format) See usage notes below.

UNT Dallas Wordmark

The UNT Dallas wordmark is the official logo authorized for use at UNT Dallas. The mark may be used with or without the official university name beneath the wordmark. Each department has its own version of the authorized UNT Dallas logo. If you need access to your departmental logo, please contact the marketing team.

UNTD Trailblazers Spirit Mark

The UNT Dallas Trailblazer spirit mark is an informal, bold and energetic representation of UNT Dallas. It suggests pride and affinity. The mascot is formally referred to as Blaze, while the students are referred to as Trailblazers. 

The spirit mark may be used:

  • In informal contexts, such as: athletics, alumni materials, school spirit activities, recruiting events, and on apparel and promotional items;

  • As a graphic within academic departments to promote spirit and social events, as well as in recruitment and on various promotional materials.

​The spirit mark may not be used:

  • For official UNT Dallas communications, such as: official notification letters of admission, letters for hire, contracts, and grant proposals;

  • As a lockup with the UNT Dallas logotype or email signature system, nor may a new lockup or signature be created using the Trailblazer spirit mark 

  • For formal business purposes.

University Seal

The official UNT Dallas seal is the most important formal symbol belonging to the institution and is reserved for use by the Office of the President. Per Regents Rule 04.803, the seal is reserved for the highest and most formal communication and for ceremonial commemorative and promissory purposes. The Marketing & Communications Department is responsible for ensuring the appropriate use of the seal. Board approval is required for revision to the seal. There is only one institutional seal. The institutional seal may only be reproduced in neutral colors including black, silver or gold. Use of the UNT Dallas seal requires Marketing & Communications approval.

Official UNT Dallas Colors

The official colors of the University of North Texas at Dallas are UNT Dallas blue and white. Secondary colors, such as yellow, black, gray and green can also be used as long as the majority of the design is created with UNT Dallas blue and white.Often, a shade of 80% gray is used for lettering/vertical bar in the logo 

  • UNT Dallas Blue is PMS 293.

  • UNT Dallas Green is PMS 356 

  • UNT Dallas Yellow is PMS 7405

**CMYK mixes vary based on printers, equipment, etc. Please contact Marketing & Communications for assistance determining the appropriate mix for your project. 


Consistency of typography is one way to create a uniformed look in all UNT Dallas publications. The recommended typefaces for university communications are Calibri, Georgia and Times Roman. These typefaces have been carefully selected to complement one another. 

• Georgia is used for formal printed communications and in electronic presentations 

• Calibri is used for email, electronic newsletters, and in electronic presentations 

• Fira Sans is an alternate font used for printed communications and in electronic presentations 

• Arial is an alternate font used in electronic presentations, primarily for headlines