Department Brochures

Creating or updating a department brochure

  • Identify your Cover and Interior Template below. If you have more than one department or program brochure, we strongly suggest you select a different cover template for each. The inside pages may be identical.  

  • Provide complete and approved edited initial text: 500-700 words in a Word Doc, depending on the template. Deciding what information should go on each individual panel will make this easier if separated by section. 

  • Select photos as appropriated by the chosen templates. You may supply your own photos at  300 dpi measuring at least 3x5 inches (ie. at least 900x1500). Feel free to choose photos from the university's online photo gallery. For help selecting photos or questions about department photo shoots, contact

  • If you have only minor revisions to an existing brochure, mark those revisions in red on a copy of the brochure and email to

  • Once you have selected a template, completed the text and/or selected photos, send your template choices, word doc, and photo links to Allow 2 to 3 weeks for formatting, proofing, printing and delivery.

  • Marketing & Communication reserves the right to edit text and images to ensure they fit within the university's visual identity and style standards

  • You will get one review. Please comment on any changes and sign off on the completed brochure prior to printing so please make sure all text is complete. 

Tri-fold cover options




Tri-fold Interiors plus back cover and flap