Internal Communications

The Office of Marketing Communications utilizes email distribution lists, campus digital signage, and printing services to help with the dissemination of information to our internal audience. To request these services, please see our general request form.



Any printed collateral material or publications (brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc.) intended for mailing/distribution to external audiences must be approved by Marketing & Communications and designed professionally by Marketing & Communications or its designee.

Photography and Videography

UNT Dallas shall operate under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). No identifying information regarding student records may be released without specific written consent of the student or his/her legal guardian. For more information on image and likeness releases, please contact Marketing & Communications or the Registrar’s Office. Students should refrain from appearing in photos if they do not desire to appear in material promoting the institution. 


We communicate about UNT Dallas via appropriate internal vehicles across campus as well as to local, regional and national communities via print, broadcast, electronic and social media. If you have newsworthy information to share, please visit and use the menu at the top to share a story with us. The information will be evaluated for inclusion in internal vehicles and/or distribution externally.