UNT Dallas marketing communications

To ensure our communications portray a consistent image of University of North Texas at Dallas, the university has adopted standards to guide communications and processes. Through consistent use of these guidelines, UNT Dallas will strategically communicate a united message to its various publics.

All communications from our university reflect UNT Dallas’ professional stature, aspirations and direction. The choices you make when you select words, colors, photos and graphics reinforce our reputation. Using key messages with the official marks, typefaces, colors and graphics in a consistent manner will help build the UNT Dallas brand and identity.

Following these guidelines and recommendations will help reinforce the UNT Dallas brand, illustrating our core values and key traits as de ned by our students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as our external stakeholders.

This marketing and identity guide is designed to be a comprehensive aid in planning and executing your Marketing & Communications efforts. Please familiarize yourself with the information provided as the Regent’s Rules and UNT Dallas policy require these guidelines to be followed.